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Baja SAE INDIA 2009

Baja PSI Racing       This was the second Baja event conducted in India. A total of 59 teams competed this year ( as compared to 28 in Baja 07). We emerged winners in the 'Hill Climb' event and emerged overall sixth position.

Click here to go to Baja SAE India's web-site.

Click here to go to this year PSI Racing's WebSite.

(PSI Racing is the team that represents NIT Trichy in Baja)

Baja SAE INDIA 2007

Baja PSI Racing       A National level competition - the problem statement was to design,test, fabricate and race an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), in a period of about 8 months.

Click here to go to Baja SAE India's web-site.

Click here to go to this year PSI Racing's WebSite.

(PSI Racing is the team that represents NIT Trichy in Baja)

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Learning Robos

      Here are a few game AIs for simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe. Play the game against the computer for some time and see the computer gaining "GYAAN" from you and beating you down..!!!

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

    Some curiosities done @ my schooling .. (Visual Basic)


          This is a simple 2-player game ( played usually on a 3 X 3 board). Each player starts with 3 coins on the last row coins. Each player can moves one peg at a time. A peg can be moved forward by one unit if the cell is unoccupied. It can be moved forward one cell along any diagonal, only if there is one opponent's peg there, removing it out of the game. The player removes wins the game if he removes all the pegs of his opponent or if the opponent cannot move any of his coins.

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Some curiosities done @ my schooling .. (Visual Basic)

      Here is a collection of problems that are connected with the chess-board. I feel it is worth giving these problems a try, before Googling for the solutions.!!!

  • Eight Queens

    8 queen solution

          This is a legendary problem of placing eight queens on a 8X8 chess-board,such that no two queens attack each other. This problem is a NP hard problem, i.e. the solutions cannot be determined in polynomial (of the number of variables) amount of time.

  • 'N' Queens

          This is the same problem as above but uses a chess board of customary size.

  • Closed Knight's Tour

    8 closed knight tour solution

          The task - guide the knight through a standard chess board so that the knight travels to all the cells once (and only once).

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Some curiosities done @ my schooling ..
(tried before I got to know about open source & the WWW!)

  • Infinite arithmetic

          Tired of limits with the usual data-types in all programming languages, I set out to design a 'SYSTEM' or methodology, that can tackle arithmetic up to practically any length. The result, I have achieved all four basic arithmetic operations namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and DIVISION(!!! the most interesting part of all) of VERY large numbers.

    • Factorial

            These programs are related to finding factorials of large numbers

      • Full Factorial

              This program will calculate and display the factorial of any number and display all the digits of the computed factorial.

      • Number of Zeros

              This program will quickly calculate the number of trailing zeros in a factorial without actually calculating the factorial.

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