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      Here are some of the events/competitions that I have taken part in. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to contact me.


      Direct Phd @ IISc! :)

  • Winners at the CAMTech India Jugaadathon 2015

    Headed team Slow Forward that emerged as the Winners at the CAMTech India Jugaadathon (Med-Tech hackathon) held at the General Electric (GE) Welsch Centre at Bangalore.
    Worked on a problem statement provided by WHP (Word Health Partners) and came up with technology and proces innovations to improve the scenario of tele-medicine in low-bandwidth settings

    Covered in a leading daily Affordable healthcare technologies for rural India
  • Mahindra RISE Driverless Car Challenge

    Headed a private team, that made it to the final round of Mahindra RISE challenge. The objective was to build an autonomously driving car (equivalent to the DARPA grand challenge).
    Worked on an autonomous (self-driving) car using LSD SLAM (Large-Scale Direct Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) to navigate a car through a defined course.

2009 - 2014

      Direct Phd at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc)!
Worked towards my thesis: A Discretized Approach to Modelling Growth with Application to A Shape-Matching Inverse Problem in Leaf-Growth.
Briefly covered in an article in The Hindu

2008- 2009

      Fourth year at NITT.

2007- 2008

      Third year in college, NITT.

  • Pragyan - NITT

    • Simbot (Event Manager )

      • I was the manager and organized this autonomous robotics event for my college's TechFest (technical festival). It combined simple line-following and obstacle ovoidance.
  • Aarush - SRM

    • I cant think

      • This was a Maths Quiz .
    • Snake-n-Ladders

      • This was an autonomous robotics event in which the bot had to play the game of snake-n-ladders. The bot had to get the input from the user and simulate the moves.
  • Mini Baja SAE India 07

  • Shaastra - IITM

    • Mars Rover

      • It was an autonomous robotics event. The bot had to find a way out though an unknown terrain.
    • Get the grip

      • This was a manual robotics event, in which a suitable mechanical gripper had to be designed that can transfer the maximum number if blocks from one position to another.
    • Capture the Flag

      • This was a semi-autonomous event in which a manual robot and an autonomous robot worked hand-in-hand .
  • Kurukshetra - Anna University

    • Online Math Quiz

  • Spoke - Microsoft

2006 - 2007

      Second year at NITT.

  • Engineer - NITK

    • Automata

      • This was a maze-mapping event. The bot had to traverse a maze once, map it and then stop at the node of the smallest loop. Our bot had shaft encoders to map the distance.
  • Shaastra - IITM

    • Gold Rush

      • It was a one-on-one event which combined maze-mapping and metal-detector. The bot had to traverse the maze and detect mines(iron coins) that are placed at unknown nodes.
    • AI Wars

      • This event required the participants to code an AI for a 2-player game. Two codes play against each other and the winner is decided by the game.
    • Beam Robotics ( Workshop )

      • This was a workshop on the basics of Beam Roobtics. It gave me an insight as to how chaotic control of bots make them fare better at the art of survival.
  • Synergy - NITT

    • Online Tech QUIZ ( Organizer )

      • I designed and managed the complete online quiz for Synergy 2007 and Synergy 2008, National level technical symposiums hosted by Mechanical Engineering Association of NIT Trichy.
  • Techfest - IITB

    • Visiontrix

      • It was a workshop on the fundamentals of Image Processing using Matlab. I made a ball-follower that was controlled by a computer using a camera mounted on the bot.
    • Radiosport

      • In this event we had to indigenously design and build a circuit that can find a radio source transmitting at a specified frequency placed anywhere within a designated area in the IIT Bombay campus.
  • Spoke - Microsoft

2005 - 2006

      First year at NITT.

  • Sadhana - VIT

    • Line Follower

      • This was the first line follower event that I attended. My bot used an Atmega8, LM741 ( Op Amps as comparators) and IR LEDs for line detection. It used a simple algorithm to detect the line as the circuit did not have any loops.